Stormwater Pollution Management

Unlike household wastewater, which flows directly through the sewage system, stormwater travels only through gutters and drains, flowing straight into rivers, creeks, wetlands and eventually into our precious oceans. As it travels, the rainwater collects anything in its path, including plastics, organics and other toxins.

The Hot Spot Gully TrapThe Hot Spot Gully Trap

The newly designed Hot Spot Gully Trap is a cost effective and efficient solution for preventing pollutants in stormwater from entering waterways.

They are manufactured, installed and maintained by Cleanwater Constructions Pty. Ltd. Hot Spot Gully Traps are currently used by Councils, communities and private enterprise throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

The Hot Spot Gully Trap is a stormwater quality improvement device (SQID) that captures pollutants
‘at source’. A recent analysis by Penrith City Council that compared different types of SQIDs including ‘at source’, ‘in-line’ and ‘end of line’ devices and found that: “… at source controls can provide the opportunity to reduce costs by keeping structural costs small, unobtrusive and maintainable.”

The Hot Spot Gully Trap is designed to capture solid wastes such as litter, organic matter and soils. The trap acts as a filter for oil, hydrocarbons and chemical pollutants that run off from roads and building sites.

  • Best suited to: High use areas such as shopping centres, town centres, high density residential areas, schools and along esplanades and waterways
  •  Pollutants collected: Litter, cigarette butts, plastics, detergents, heavy metals, paints, and chemicals. Also extremely efficient in capturing oils and hydrocarbons when used in conjunction with X-Tex Oil/Hydrocarbon Filter Medium
  • Pollutant retention rate: Very high
  • Custom fit: The Hot Spot Gully Trap can be fitted into existing or new stormwater gully pits where flows enter through a grate or a kerb lintel, meaning it can maximise pollutant capture while significantly reducing costs
  • Treatable flow rate: Very high
  • Flooding risk: Proven to not increase risk of flooding during high flow events • Testing and approval: All CWC products are independently tested and N.A.T.A approved
  • Frame materials: Solid frame is constructed from non-corrosive materials. Frame is designed to prevent trap from being sucked into outflow pipe
  • Price comparison: Cheaper than all known competitors
  • Required maintenance regime: Biannually or quarterly, depending on density of traffic area. Traps are cleaned with a combination of manual and suction techniques to minimize damage, enable an analysis of pollutants and ensure trap is in top functioning order
  • Warranty: 3 years