Collaborating with the Community, Government and Private Enterprise clean-up our waterways and beaches

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1 week ago
Installation & Service Technician - Stormwater Services Job in Sunshine Coast

Join a small flexible team, travelling regularly between Melbourne and Cairns installing and servicing Stormwater infrastructure.

2 weeks ago
What Does The Environmentally Responsible CleanWater Group Choose For Their Electronic Commerce Needs - Bitcoin Cash BCH • r/btc

We are loving the support from the Bitcoin Cash BCH and Blockchain community in helping the environment

139 points and 26 comments so far on reddit

1 month ago
Ocean Crusaders

Always mixed emotions out on the OC boat. Can be upsetting seeing how much rubbish is hitting our waterways then on the other hand great to see what can be achieved in such a small amount of time ... See more

Good haul for the day. We covered about 400m today and removed this amount right near the mouth of the river, hence next stop was the bay. Still so much to do.

1 month ago
Ocean Crusaders

From yesterday's event on Green Island, this is one of my absolute favorite shots. So many of our younger people enjoyed the day, helped clean up and learnt so much. And this is the turtle they ... See more

1 month ago
The Story of Stuff Project

What if we replaced corner liquor stores in every block with zero waste shops?

1 month ago
Litter Shop of Horrors

Litter Shop of Horrors

A new concerning litter item is entering our stormwater drains that lead to our waterways and oceans

Come on Coles, with your amazing talent and resources you should be able ... See more

1 month ago
Nine News Melbourne on Twitter

“The state opposition has pledged to establish a dedicated Yarra River clean-up crew if it wins the upcoming election. #9News

4 months ago

#WarOnWasteAU continues Tuesday 24 July 8.30pm!

4 months ago
Water Dragon Cleanwater Group

Comment below with the first thing you saw! Ocean Crusaders Yarra Riverkeeper Association

4 months ago

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