Our Services

Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to exceed expectations.

The Cleanwater Group has extensive experience in the stormwater industry.

Specialising in the design, fabrication, inspection, cleaning and maintenance of gross pollutant traps, we have developed unique and innovative solutions to fit existing or new infrastructure.

These cost effective designs, fit for purpose servicing, and in-depth debris analysis sets us apart.

Additionally, we extend our services by working with our clients to implement viable and tangible circular waste management solutions, enabling an environmentally responsible culture.

Drain Buddy

Capturing stormwater waste at the source prevents it entering our waterways whilst allowing targeted waste reduction plans to be developed

Problem: Often old infrastructure does not have the mechanisms in place to capture consumer waste before it enters nearby stormwater drains. Small stormwater pipes are frequently blocked due to a combination of organic debris runoff and the rise in single-use plastic waste.  Additionally, with no effective data capture mechanisms available it is difficult to accurately locate the source of the problem.

Solution: The ‘Drain Buddy’ is a cost effective and efficient solution that captures pollutants at the source. Small, unobtrusive and easy to maintain, the Drain Buddy reduces overall expenses by keeping structural costs down. Best suited to high use areas such as shopping centers, high density residential areas and along esplanades, the Drain Buddy has a very high pollutant retention rate that captures a wide range of pollutant.

The Drain Buddy also allows the engagement of the younger generations in responsible waste management. The drain Buddy can also double as an effective educational tool due to the ease in which the contents can be assessed, monitored and reviewed.  The community especially students are able to use the data collected to develop innovative source reduction plans. The process can often lead to an increased sense of awareness and ownership, while providing students with the opportunity to take part in the solution.

Stormwater Asset Servicing

Cleanwater Group has a range of fit for purpose custom designed equipment to service the wide variety of Gross Pollutant Traps.  This “plug and play” equipment has been specifically designed to maximise productivity and cater for the wide variety of servicing methodologies.

An example of these being:

  • Large vacuum excavation;
  • Submersible mechanical grab – minimising the need for de-watering;
  • Wire rope cane – allows deep vertical lifting of GPT’s; and
  • Small versatile vacuum excavation – designed for small GPT’s in hard to access locations.

Data Capture, Analysis and Reporting

Cleanwater Group takes pride in ensuring that with every service, data capture, effective analysis and concise reporting with pictorial evidence is submitted.  This ensures that the client has transparent and accurate information allowing the ability to:

  • optimise service frequencies;
  • accurately forecast schedule and costs;
  • reduce site inspection time;
  • understand key risks; and
  • implement targeted and effective waste reduction plans.

Circular Waste Management

To significantly reduce the amount of waste going to our waterways and landfill we need to also focus on eliminating the amount of waste in the first place. Cleanwater Group partner with governments, businesses and communities groups to implement viable and tangible circular waste management solutions, empowering the transition to a environmentally responsible culture.


The 2016 Double Island Point beach clean-up provided an opportunity to partner up with Newtecpoly, an innovative recycling company that uses proven technology to recycle the comingled plastic litter collected from the beach and turn it into park benches or other useful infrastructure.


Additionally, the Company is working with clients to transform plastic waste destined for landfill to viable products that they can then utilise.