Our approach is Preventative, Integrated and Circular

Cleanwater Group, Australia


Designing cost-effective products that capture waste at the source and specialising in the servicing of stormwater gross pollutant traps


Partnering with community and government organisations that create positive and immediate impact to the environment and our community


Implementing viable and tangible circular waste management solutions, enabling an environmentally responsible culture

What We Offer

Stormwater Asset Servicing

Inspection, cleaning and maintenance of gross pollutant traps

“Drain Buddy” Device

Unique, fit for purpose, at source primary treatment solution

Data Analysis

Analysis of findings to inform a tailored waste reduction plans and determine frequency of service

Circular Waste Management

Implementation of viable and tangible solutions to waste management

Take part in the new wave of innovation that is ensuring cleaner waterways for our children.


water is life.

Doug - Managing Director of CleanWater Group

Frustrated with all the information on how polluted the oceans and waterways were, Doug knew that his part time volunteering at beach cleanups wasn’t going to cut it.

“I knew I needed to quit my corporate lifestyle when I realised the reality of plastic pollution we were facing. The thought of my children not having the same clean and healthy water to swim in that I had experienced as a child drove me to develop Cleanwater Group and take it to where it is today.

I chose to use my corporate background and apply it to something that would feed my soul and passion for the ocean. Want to work with you to create a solution, rather than simply share memories of how pristine out waters once were.


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Cleanwater Group, Australia.

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Cleanwater Group, Australia
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