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1 year ago
Clouds of Microplastics Are Blowing Into the Pristine Arctic

New research from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar Research finds that microplastics, roughly the same size as pollen, are now airborne and being transported through the atmosphere to the Swiss ... See more

In snow samples collected across the Arctic and Europe, researchers find tens of thousands of microplastic particles per liter of snow—even in remote areas.

2 years ago
Tangaroa Blue

As part of Operation Clean Sweep, @Tangaroa Blue is working with the plastics industry, local councils and the Victorian EPA to identify hotspots of plastic resin pellet "nurdle" loss. This is a ... See more

2 years ago

If you're free this weekend, join Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast (@surfridersunshinecoast) for a Fight for the Bight screening of Patagonia's Nevertown film on Saturday night! It's going to be ... See more

2 years ago
Photos from Cleanwater Group's post

We all love our beautiful coastline. We live, swim, surf, SUP, sponge, kite, meditate, explore, and marinate in the sun while we are at the beach. But the rapidly changing climate is set to increase ... See more

2 years ago
Cleanwater Group

Big thanks to all the incredible volunteers that came out for this week's litter trap audit event in Mackay! Litter from 11 traps has now been sorted, analysed and uploaded into Tangaroa Blue's ... See more

2 years ago
Divers find 40-year-old KFC bag in 'pristine' Queensland waterway

Shocked to see a plastic bag underwater in the Pumicestone Passage (Sunshine Coast) and identified by KFC to be 30-40 years old.

When you combine this with the 40-year-old Coles' bag found in the ... See more

A single-use plastic bag found on Queensland's Sunshine Coast could be up to 40 years old, and the find is just the tip of the rubbish iceberg.

2 years ago
The average person consumes a credit card's worth of microplastic every week

Really troubling findings by researchers at University of Newcastle this week. Eating the equivalent of a credit card in microplastics every single week is pretty shocking. While we don’t yet know ... See more

At a conservative estimate, people around the world are consuming a credit card's-worth of microplastic every week, according to a new study.

2 years ago

After more than 5 years of working together, we are extremely excited to announce that we have formalised our partnership with Surfrider Foundation Australia!

Thanks for being such an amazing group ... See more

2 years ago
Photos from Cleanwater Group's post

Thanks Victoria University, Melbourne Australia for a great class of Marine and Freshwater Ecology students led by Dr. Roan Plotz on the Yarra River Blitz this week. Together, we conducted a debris ... See more

2 years ago

Who loves the Yarra?

We love the Yarra.

Join us tomorrow for the 4th Yarra River Blitz at the Melbourne University Boat Club! Organised by the Yarra Riverkeeper Association and proudly supported ... See more

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