Caring for the Community & Environment

Double Island Point Challenge

Having taken family holidays and surfed at Double Island Point for 20+ years some of the Cleanwater Constructions staff had noticed an increase in rubbish and the impact this was having at such a beautiful spot.


An opportunity arose for Cleanwater Constructions to initiate a half yearly “Clean Up Double Island Point Weekend” (please see attached flyers). Surfrider Foundation was approached to jointly assist this event.


Cleanwater Constructions was actively involved in the Clean Up weekend, helping to gain sponsors for the event, helping to manage the event, publicising, increasing the children attendance, media and marketing as well as active participation at the events.

Membership figures for this event have increased from 50-300 people collecting 4 tonnes of waste per year. Media coverage has increased for this event thus increasing awareness of this issues that exist. This year the event won the “Health Waterways 2015 Keep it Clean Award”.

Next Steps

Cleanwater Constructions will actively continue their involvement at this event and other Surfrider initiatives with the objective of increasing awareness, leading by example and educating the community and our children.